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- 2V / 6V / 12V
- Permanent charging

This battery charger is designed for continuous charging and automatic, safe and reliable charging of your lead-acid battery.

It thereby prevents harmful discharge, for instance by normal discharge (about 1% per day) or due to insufficient charging periods (short distance), overload (too many consumers) and a possibly too low loading capacity of the alternator.

The charging voltage can be set from 2 volts, 6 volts and 12 volts through a sliding switch. For a short period the charger will be short-circuit proof as well as reverse polarity protected. A reverse polarity is indicated by an LED indicator light. By this means you are able to immediately start a clear and powerful battery in the forthcoming spring. This battery charger was specifically designed with regard to the winter conditions as well as for charging and permanent charging respectively of lead-acid batteries. It charges the battery with a charging current of max. 300 mA. This charging current is automatically adjusted according to the state of charge, to the effect that an overcharging and dangerous gassing are avoided at any time.

Once the final charging voltage has been reached, the charging current is automatically controlled via the electronic control. By this means the battery is protected against overcharge. Charging control and polarity indicators give information about the correct status of the battery charger. This battery charger provides for a gentle charging (IU-characteristic), at any time it keeps ready motorcycles, cars, classic cars, ships, campers, tractors and equipment that is not used for a longer period of time (for instance during the winter months), thus protecting the battery against harmful deep discharge.

Any overcharging of the battery is excluded. This also applies for maintenance-free lead and lead-gel respectively, exid, AHG, AGM, micro fleece and acid batteries.

The AL 300 Pro can be used without restriction for motorcycles (BMW up to about construction year 2005, provided that there is no software update) that dispose of a CAN bus system.

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