Intercooler turbo | Aluminium | 590 x 295 x 76 mm

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- Intercooler
- Polished aluminium
- Core size: 590x295x76 mm
- Overall size: 780x330x76 mm
- Bar and Plate (squared)

This intercooler allows you to effortlessly increase the performance of tuned and turbocharged engines. By reducing the temperature of the induced air, the engine is being cooled, which in turn increases the power output as well as the efficiency by lowering the counter pressure. A 10°C decrease in charge air temperature can already increases the performance by 3-6%. The intercooler has an entrance for air in the bar and pate (squared) design.

A larger intercooler is the ideal solution for those that wish to increase the performance of their engines without straining valves or the cylinder head and can further be used to avoid engine damage in general.

Depending on the outside temperature, the charge air can be cooled down by up to 40-55°C, which would result in an increase in performance by 12-33%. A higher boost pressure means a higher charge air temperature as well as a lower density and oxygen content of the air, which might lead to a decrease in performance. By utilising this intercooler the power loss can be counteracted as it reliably increases the overall performance, torque and efficiency.

The intercooler counteracts the high temperatures created by the process of charging and thereby increases the power output, torque and energy conversion efficiency while at the same time reducing the counter pressure, which leads to less engine strain.

With a size of 590x295x76 mm, this intercooler made of aluminum can easily be installed as it is simply placed in between the turbocharger and the engine. The connections located at the side of the device are perfectly strength-welded, preventing pressure from escaping.

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