Drempelhulp zwart | Max. 2500 kg | 90 x 53 x 9,0 cm

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- For barrier-free access to doorsteps, curbs etc.
- Ideal to overcome barriers with a height of 90mm
- With 3 chamfered edges for access from all sides
- Suited for wheelchairs and vehicles up to 2500kg
- 6-18mm between ground and lower end of the ramp

The threshold ramp Budget is an inexpensive and handy solution to overcome barriers like doorsteps or curbs of different heights. The height diffeence between the walking surface and the lower end of the access ramps is between six and eighteen millimetres, which makes them ideal for vehicles with larger wheels. Please note, that the ramps are less suited for vehicles with smaller wheels, like rollators for instance.

Depending on the model, the rise of the doorstep ramps varies from 2.6 cm to 10.3 cm, offering you just the dimesions you need. A special feature of our barrier-free ramps are the three slanted edges, which allow the users to access the threshold from all sides and not just from the front.
The chamfered edges also reduce the risk of stumbling and falling when you exit the doorstep.

The maximum load capacity is 2,500 kg, which makes this curb ramp perfect not only for wheelchairs and buggies but also for mobility scooters and other heavy vehicles. It is even suitable for industrial use.

The setting up is as easy as can be. Simply position the threshold ramp Budget in front of the doorstep. The ramp

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