Glaskeramische pijpjes + filternet | 400 gram

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- Extremely porous glass ceramic rings 0,4 kg
- Mechanically working filter medium
- For the removal of suspended particles
- 1 VPE for about 1200m³ water

Ceramic glass rings for the placement of internal or external filters.

Mechanical working filters are mainly used to remove suspended solids.
The special shape and large surface of Ceramic rings provide an ideal water turbulence in the filter basket.

By this means suspended particles can be deposited during the descent whereas coarse dirt particles are removed from the water cycle.

Having the same size as conventional ceramic rings they offer more than double settlement surface for bacteria by this highly porous form.

Additionally, they provide optimal conditions for the settlement of filter bacteria and by this reduce pollution peaks caused by nitrite more efficiently than conventional filter materials.

Due to their small size ceramic rings can even be used in the smallest components of indoor, outdoor and cascade filters.

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