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- Size L
- Cage size: 107x71x76cm
- Weight: 10 kg
- Collapsible
- Incl. bowl, cushion, tarpaulin

This portable dog cage set has everything your furry darling needs during transportation.

Whether as a permanent sleeping place at home or as a transport box: this set is the optimal solution to give your pet the comfort it deserves. Equipped with 2 lockable doors, the cage can be placed in any direction, thus fitting to any room conditions. Used as a transport box, it not only protects your pet, but also helps to keep your vehicle clean. If not needed, it can be folded up with a few finger strokes and stowed away, with minimum space required.

The soft fleece cushion that covers the whole floor serves perfectly as a dog bed. It is waterproof and, due to its thermal insulation characteristics, able to keep your pet warm even on cold floors. The tarpaulin keeps your pet away from external influences, allowing it to have some privacy. This is especially important for puppies, as they need to feel secure and get house-trained.

This practical set also comes with a bowl that can be screwed to the cage to teach your pet a firm feeding place and keep the room clean from scattered food rests.

Please note that the size of the box should always match the size of your dog. Make sure your pet has enough room to sit upright and be able to turn and stretch its paws. Too large box is no good either as it can negatively affect the development of your pet.

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