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- Flow rate: 3800 l/h
- Output: 1200 W
- 19 L pressure tank volume
- Built-in filter and pressure gauge
- Built-in pressure switch

Protect the environment while saving money! With this household water pump system, consisting of a hydraulic accumulator and a jet pump with a pressure switch, you have everything needed in order to supply your home or garden area with clear water.

The water pump can thereby be used for a wide variety of applications, but the main focus of the system is the water supply of your house. With this device the shower, washing machine and even the flush of your toilet will no longer waste valuable drinking water and can instead be supplied with rain or groundwater with the help of wells or cisterns. This does not only protect the environment, but also increases the life span of your devices since the rainwater has less chalk than tap water.

The pump is further suited to be used as a pressure boosting system and is equipped with a pressure switch that lets you control the water pressure precisely, allowing the pressure to be raised without effort and thereby to efficiently supply the upper floors of a house.

In the garden, this pump can for example be used to work automatic sprinkler systems. These are usually used with flexible hoses, which cause a pressure drop in the system after the water has been turned off. To prevent that, the pump is also equipped with a boiler that levels the pressure, which in turn prevents the pump from restarting.

With a power consumption of 1200 Watts and a pump head of 48 metres (max 4.8 bar) the pump can process up to 3800 litres of clear water per hour. The pressure tank has a volume of 19 litres and is made of shatter proof plastic, which makes it long lasting and sturdy. Made of stainless steel, both, the boiler and pump housing are durable and resilient. It is also ideal for mobile use as the adjustment of the drain/water feed can be performed without the use of tools.

The system is equipped with an integrated pressure gauge that grants constant control over the working pressure. It automatically turns the pump on in case of dropping water pressure due to water withdrawal and off once the water storage is full. The maximum cut-in pressure is 1.5 bar and the maximum cut-off pressure is 3 bar. The pump will turn on less often depending on the size of the water storage tank as more water can be stored in larger tanks. Due to the pump not turning on as frequently, the power consumption along with the costs for electricity will go down and the lifespan of the product will be prolonged.

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