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- Sediment filter
- Block carbon filter
- Diameter 60mm
- Fineness 5μ
- Wall mount bracket included
- With 10 inches (254mm) filter cartridges

Naturewater NW-BR10B2 double filter 26.16mm 1/2 inch sediment filter

Our double water filter are equipped with a 10 inches 5μ sediment fine filter and a 10 inches 5 micron activated carbon block filter that generate extremely pure water.

The water filter is inexpensive, easy to install and handle.
Its quality and capacity corresponds to systems that are far more expensive.

The filtering sytem is a perfect solution for almost all water impurities depending on the use of filter inserts.
The filter system offered here is supplied with a 5μ sediment filter and a 5 microns activated carbon block filter insert that remove reliably sand, rust, algae, and other floating particles from the water.

The filter inserts 10 inches (254 mm) can be replaced and according to the requirements by replaced by another material.

A complete list of the suitable filter inserts are found in the technical data.

The water filter has no RO-Membrane (reverse osmosis) and no ion exchangers either. This means the natural mineral content (which is vital to life) is largely maintained and the water hardness is hardly affected.

Sediment filtration 5μ

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