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- 3/4" 26,16mm
- 5 μ Sediment filter (20")

NW-BRK01 water filter has been specially designed for slightly dirty drinking water make useable in a quick and easy way. The water filter is inexpensive adn easy to assemble and handle.
It corresponds in quality and filter performanceto those equipments that are offered more expensive on the market.

The water filter is, depending on the used filter inserts the best solution for almost all water impurities.
The offered water filter system is delivered with a 0,5μ sediment filter insert that filters reliably sand, rust, algae and other floating particles from the water.

Of course, the water filter insert 20" (508 mm) can be replaced by other materials as according to demand.
You can find a complete list of the suitable filter inserts in the following table.
(Sediment filters are not washable and must be changed every 6 months. (DIN 1988)

The water filter has neither a RO- Membrane (reverse osmosis) nor an ion exchanger. This means the natural mineral content (which is vital to life) is largely maintained and the water hardness is only affected to a small extent.

Sediment filtration 5μ
Sediment particles like sand, algae and rust are removed

Filtration of toxic substances
With the help of a water filter cartridge made of pressed activated carbon you can remove a large part of the toxins from the water e.g. ozone, pesticide, rust, calcium carbonate particles and chlorine.The values for heavy metal concentration like lead, copper etc. are extremely reduced. In addition, the activated carbon decolourises the water, if there are yellow or brown turbidities. Furthermore the activated carbon removes odours.

Toxins filtration
By means of a filter cartrige made of granular activated carbon once again remaining existent toxic residuals are filtered from the water.

Ultrafilter membrane
It filters all particles > 0,22 Micron ( 0,000 22 mm) in the water.
This stage removes again remaining germs, protozoa, algae, spore etc. (Normally almost not available in common stores but used in the industrial sector for the purification of mineral water. Ultrafilter are also used for the purification of drinking water in areas of catastrophe, for instance by THW).

PI activated carbon filter "Gourmet
It is made of high-quality granular coconut activated carbon with a maximum surface.
This filter removes bad odors and tasting substances, leaving a pure refreshing water..

The product/ the filters are equipped with locking caps or / and shrink-wrapped.

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