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- Easy installing
- Easy to use
- Modern & eco-friendly

NW-BRK03 water filter was specially designed for slightly soiled water to be fast and easily filtratated into drinking water. The unit has a nice price and it is easy to install and use. The filter system tops in quality and filter capacity other products on the market that are more expensive.

The system is, depending on the used filter inserts, the solution for all water impurities.
The system offered here is delivered with a 5μ Sediment Filter insert that reliably removes sand, algae and rust and other floating particles from the water.

The second filter stage is based on an Activated Carbon Block Filter Cartridge that retains ozone, pesticide, rust, lime floating particles, Chlorine, and reduces the concentration of heavy metals, lead and copper from the drinking water.

The third filter stage is based on a Granular Activated Carbon Water Filter which removes ozone, pesticide, rust, lime scale, chlorine, and reduces heavy metal concentration like lead, copper. This filter cartridge is used as additional insert to the activated carbon block filter inserts.

The filter inserts used here 20" (508 mm) can be replaced with other materials if required. A complete list with all matching filter inserts can be found on the following table.

(Sediment and activated carbon filter are not washable and have to be changed every 6 months. (DIN 1988))

The unit has no RO- Membrane (reverse osmosis) and there is also no ion exchanger. This means that the natural mineral content is preserved ( which is vital) and the water hardness is influenced only to a lesser extent.

General information

Sediment filtration 5μ
Sediment particles like sand, algae and rust are removed.

Filtration of toxic substances
With the help of a filter cartridge made of pressed activated carbon you can remove a large part of the toxins from the water e.g. ozone, pesticide, rust, calcium carbonate particles, chlorine.The values for heavy metal concentration like lead, copper etc. are extremely reduced. In addition the activated carbon decolourises the water, if there are yellow or brown turbidities . Furthermore the activated carbon removes odours.

Filtration of toxic substances
Toxins filtration by means of filter cartrige made of granular activated carbon which filters once more existing toxic remains.

Ultrafilter membrane
Ultrafilter membrane filters all particles > 0,22 Micron ( 0,000 22 mm) in the water. This stage removes again remaining germs, protozoa, algae, spore etc. (In normal store difficult to find but used in the industry for the purification of mineral water. Ultrafilter are also used for drinking water purification in disaster areas, for instance by THW).

PI activated carbon filter "Gourmet
PI activated carbon filter "Gourmet" made of high-quality granular coconut activated carbon with large surface. This filter removes unpleasant smelling and tasting substances, leaving a pure refreshing water.

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