Waterniveau-schakelaar WPS 1000 | Met sensor

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- Switch capacity 3000 Watts max.
- Sensor cable 10 m
- 160 x 80 x 60 mm
- Cable length 2 m

Whether there is a pipe breakage, an open window in the basement during rainy wheather or a defective seal:

Water can cause a lot of damage within a short time, however, this can be effortlessly prevented!
Even in wells or containers it is necessary to permanently control the level of liquid.
The brand-new water level switch or water detector respectively H-Tronic WPS 1000 will help you to achieve this task. The ingress of water or a predefined level of water makes a special relay react accordingly which automatically switches on or off any warning devices, pumps or solenoid valves.

WPS 1000 is well-suited for any and all reservoirs made of concrete, plastic or metall. Due to its connections which are pluggable, it is installed within a short time. The point for switching can be set freely and according any level of water. The controller is supported by a robust sensor. Due to the elimination of a floating switch, the water detector operates absolutely free of any disturbance.
The LED panel displays the actual status at any time.

- Selectable switching point for any water level
- Remote measuring up to 10 m by two-core cable
- Suitable for all reservoirs made of concrete, plastic or metall
- No dangerous mains voltage on the sensor
- Robust sensor
- Non-monitored operation
- Simple and quick assembly, ready to plug
- LED display for mains and relay (Rel. Ein)
- Switch outlet optionally to use as an opening or to close

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