Waterniveau-schakelaar WPS 5000 | Met sensor

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- Switch capacity of 2500 Watts max.
- Trigger sensitivity 10/200 kOhm
- Sensor cable 30m
- Functional area -15°C / +40°C
- Cable lenght 2m

The electronic liquid level difference swtich WPS5000 by H-Tronic is ideal for the level monitoring of conductive liquids in tanks and wells made of concrete, plastic or metal. Rainwater, sewage or water for cooling and heating purposes are just a few examples for its wide field of application.

The device is equipped with a water level sensor that keeps track of the amount of liquid within a container and can easily be connected to most household pumps. Depending on the field of application, different devices can be connected to the switch. The switch can further be adjusted to either react to a low water gauge or an individually set peak level. In case of the former, the sensor is placed in a low position and reacts by turning on the pump the very moment the water level drops below the designated point in order to once again increase the liquid level. The other option requires the sensor to be placed in an elevated position in order to make it recognize imminent congestion and cause the pump to turn on and pump the water down.

The switch further possesses a deceleration timing function that ensures that the pump will turn off after running for a set amount of time. It can for example be set to cause the pump to run for a minute once it has been activated in order to successfully counteract increasing or decreasing water levels.

- Delay setting of switch ON/OFF adjustable 1/9.999 sec. (approx. 2.8 hours)
- Switching point entirely selectable
- Relay to be configurated for opening/closing
- Remote measurement up to 30m via 2-wire pipe
- Inlet for water sensor or floating switch (parallel connection possible)
- No mains voltage on the sensor
- Easy and quick assembly
- Works free of control and operation

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