Waterniveau-schakelaar WPS 3000 Plus | Met 2 sensors

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- Switch capacity 3000 Watts max.
- Responsivity for reaction < 50kOhm
- Cable length 2 m / Sensor 10 m
- Range of function: -15°C / +40°C
- LED display for:
- Sensor min/max., mains, default, relay (Rel.Ein)

The new electronic difference switch for filling level by H-Tronic WPS 3000 plus is well-suited for the automatic level control of conductive liquids in reservoirs, wells, water tanks and the like. The device is configured either as a refilling unit or as a discharge unit via a slide switch that is located on the front. Here, the level of the liquid is automatically maintained between two water sensors (min. and max.). The ingress of water or a certain level makes a relay react and switch on or off for example mains-operated pumps, valves and warning devices.
WPS 3000plus is well-suited for all reservoirs made of concrete, plastic or metall.
Due to its pluggable connections, it is installed quickly and without any effort.
It operates absolutely free from any disturbance because there are no moveable floating switches.

- Selectable switching point with any water level via two water sensors
- For all reservoirs made of concrete, plastic or metall
- Switch outlet (Rel.) configurable as an opening or to close (filling / drainage) on the front via switches
- Remote measuring up to 20 m by two-core cable
- No dangerous mains voltage on the sensor
- Non-monitored operation
- Very simple and quick assembly, ready to plug
- Including 2 water sensors along with 10 m cable length each and RJ 45 plug
- LED display for mains, sensor min., sensor max., default and relay (Rel.Ein)

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