Plissé / Vouwgordijn | 120 x 150 cm | Grijs

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- Grants rooms a pleasant atmosphere
- Size: 120 x 150 cm
- Colour: Grey
- Easy fitting without drilling
- Causes rooms to appear larger

These grey-coloured pleated blinds fit any style of interior decoration and are the ideal solution for effectively shielding your home from prying eyes without taking away the natural light.

Fully extended these pleated blinds cover an area of 120 x 150 cm while still allowing enough light to enter the room through the window so that the same would neither appear gloomy nor drab. The light and pleasant colour instead causes the rooms to appear larger than they actually are, additionally granting them a friendly atmosphere. In case of more light being desired, the blinds can simply be folded without much.

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Prima product, correcte levering en perfecte...
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