Buitendouche "Solar" | 20 liter | Zwart

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- Solar shower with a height of 216.5 cm
- Monsoon Rain shower head
- Temperature adjustment via single lever tap
- Water tank capacity: 20 litres

This solar shower turns showering into a relaxing spa experience. The wide shower head is attached in an elevated position and allows for the water to massage you as it pours down in a manner similar to a summer rain. While capable of granting relaxation, the rain shower head further descales itself.

The outdoor shower has a pleasant height of 216.5 cm, allowing even tall people to enjoy a shower without being forced into an unhealthy posture. Unlike conventional outdoor showers, this solar shower offers the option of taking hot and cold showers. Its spacious water tank is made of plastic, can contain up to 20 litres of water and is equipped with a solar panel, allowing for the water to be heated without being reliant on electricity. The desired water temperature can thereby quickly and effortlessly be set with help of the single lever tap.

Its tank offers enough space to store shower accessories. Operating with a maximum pressure of 3 bars, the shower is suitable for being connected standard garden hoses. With a size of 155 x 155 mm, the solar shower´s base only requires a minimum of space in order for the device to be placed properly. The pilot holes with a diameter of 12 mm thereby allow for the shower to be securely attached to the ground.

The material necessary for mounting the shower is included in the scope of delivery.

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