Tuindouche "Upside Down" | Aluminium / Teak | Ø 70 cm

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- Refreshing shower fun for hot summer days
- 18 water nozzles distribute the water evenly
- Water fountains of up to 4 metre height
- Aluminium frame and composite lumber with teak look
- Standard ¾" garden hose connection

Get ready for summer with this refreshing outdoor upside-down shower. The mobile device provides a unique form of refreshment due to its water fountains, which can reach up to a height of 4 metres before the water then rains down as a soothing drizzle. The fountains´ height, while also dependent on the available water pressure, can be manually adjusted with the help of an integrated controller in form of a small wheel that can be effortlessly operated with the feet.

The upside-down shower is equipped with 18 water nozzles that distribute the water evenly. A commercially available garden hose (¾") suffices in order to supply the round shower with a diameter of Ø 70 cm with water. The device is made of aluminium and its surface is covered with high-quality composite lumber with teak look, granting it a simple, yet elegant design while at the same time ensuring that it is durable as well as weather-resistant.

Whether in order to shower before or after visiting the pool, as refreshment after a sauna session or in order to cool oneself down on hot summer days: the upside-down shower is a versatile item that can easily be transported due to its low weight and practical handle.

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