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- Material: Steel & 4 cm HDPE
- Dimensions: 180 x 75 x 74 cm
- Dimensions while folded: 90 x 75 x 8 cm
- Weight: 11 kg
- Colour: Grey

This weather-proof and easy to clean folding table is the ideal companion whenever a portable, but also durable and generous storage tray is needed.

No matter if for barbecue parties, camping trips, outdoor leisure or just for the use at home: this practical folding table can be used in a wide variety of environments and situations. Comfortable to transport and easy to store away, this table is, amongst other things, a space-saving alternative to the popular, but cumbersome wooden beer tables. The table board made of HDPE plastic rests upon a sturdy and durable powder coated steel frame, which was designed to prevent the item from slipping or grazing the floor. In its unfolded state this table is large enough to offer space for four to six people.

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Vlotte levering! Ik bestelde een XXL Bench...
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Perfecte levering goed artikel.