Handlier | 1100 kg | 8 meter | 2 standen

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- Tensile load capacity: 1100 kg
- Gear ratio: 4:1 / 8:1
- Rope dimensions: 8 m x 5.5 mm
- Galvanized
- Durable, non-corrosive and weather-resistant

This sturdy hand rope winch makes holding, moving or pulling heavily loads an easy task. It is therefore an ideal tool for landscaping and camping or can simply be used to move heavy loads, such as boats, cars or other vehicles. Being manually operated this rope winch can literally be used everywhere as is it does not require a power supply, thus making it a versatile tool with a wide field of applications.

The hand rope winch is equipped with a galvanised two step gearbox that can be either set to a gear ratio of 4:1 or 8:1 and offers a tensile load capacity of 1100 kg. The power transmission takes place through a reliable steel cable with a length of 8 metres and a diameter of 5.5 mm. Being weather-resistant and non-corrosive this durable winch can be used in most environments and is therefore available whenever it is needed.

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