Kogelkraan elektrisch | 2-weg | 230V | 1" (DN25)

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- Motorized Zone Valves for 230V
- Ball Valves DN25 33.7 mm (1")
- 2-Port Valve

The motor or motorized zone valves of the series DQ225 are supplied as a compact ball valves unit, consiting of the valve body with an attached control unit. It consists of a pump casing and an electric servomotor. The servomotor activates the ball valve. The valve body is made from forged brass. In case of power failure, the valve can be opened manually with a spanner after removal of the controller.

The zone valve is equipped with alarm contacts, which hold it in end position "wide open" or "completely closed".

Zone valves are used in systems for drinking water, heating water, hot water and air-conditioning in conjunction with "open/closed" adjustments. 2 and 3-way valves have a variety of application and are suitable e.g. for:

1. Room temperature zone control in heating systems.
2. Control of air-conditioning, heaters or similar individual air-conditioning devices.
3. Control of heating and hot water systems. Independent of each other giving priority to one of these systems.

The control of zone valves is done by air or water thermostats.
The setting time is 15 seconds.

The zone valve can be installed in all positions except for those positions in which the control unit is located below the horizontal plane. The assembly requires the observance of the TÜV and VDE laws and regulations!

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