Filterpatroon 20" (508 mm) | Actieve kool granulaat | 113 mm

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- Diameter 4 1/2 inches (113 mm)
- Granular carbon filter

Naturewater UDF-20L 20 inches Big Blue granular activated carbon filter for drinking water

The granular activated carbon filter cartridge is suitable for all reverse osmosis filter systems as a replacement filter for the existing post-activated carbon filter. This cartridge filters the following from your drinking water: Ozone, pesticide, rust, lime and chlorine, the concentration of heavy metals just like lead, copper etc. is reduced. Activated carbon is characterized by its high performance and is used for instance in industry. There, the water is treated with activated carbon, before it gets in touch with food because activated carbon is very reliable and filters most of the toxic substances.

Durability of the cartridge

Sediment filter, ceramic filter and activated carbon filter are not washable and must be changed every 6 months (DIN 1988). To guarantee a constant filtering efficiency, the filter cartridge should not filter more than 8000 liters (dependig on the quality of the input water to be filtered).

Distinctions from other activated carbon cartridges

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