Waterfilter inline 10" (254 mm) | ¼" BID | Actieve kool

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- 1/4 Inch inside thread
- Easy replacement
- Modern & non-pulling
- Taste optimizer

The post carbon filter cartridge fits in all Reverse Osmosis systems as replacement filter for the existing post carbon filter. It serves as secondary filter and has on both sides a 1/4" inside thread. This cartridge filters: ozone, pesticide, rust, calcium carbonate, chlorine, and reduces heavy metal concentration like lead, copper etc. Activated carbon stands out due to its high performance and it is used for instance in industry. This water, used in industry is treated with activated carbon, before it is incorporated in foods, because activated carbon is very reliable and filters the majority of the toxins .

Cartridge durability

Such a cartridge supports a four people household with an average water consumption, for approx. 9 months. After this period the toxins can no longer be adsorbed from the water. The legislator specifies however other periods of time, at which these cartridges must be replaced. According to DIN 1988 all cartridges have to be replaced every 6 months, otherwise the cartridge is in danger of being vulnerable to germs.

Differences from other activated carbon cartridges

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