Waterpomp op benzine | 66 m³ per uur

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- Gasoline water pump
- Suction head: 8m max.
- Delivery head: 30m max.
- OHV, gasoline engine
- 4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled
- Manufacturer: LIFAN

There are many different pumps for irrigation and drainage, which all have one thing in common - they are operated by electricity. Submersible pumps, machines for domestic waterworks and similar pumps are useful for the irrigation of the garden. It is no longer imaginable today to renounce them. However, the dependence on an electric source often remains an advantage.

Gasoline waterpumps are an independent alternative. This specific kind of garden pump is operated by gasoline and not dependent on a power source. Gasoline waterpumps operate with a 4-stroke engine , being powered by gasoline and motor oil.

They are characterized by their high capacity, thus providing for an easy irrigation large green areas or to empty a pond. Overflowed pits or cellars can be emptied quickly and independently by a powerful gasoline waterpump. By this means it becomes an important help as for flooding or emergency drainage. Even for irrigation of remote areas that are cut off from access to the power supply, a waterpump operated by gasoline can be useful and promote water from wells.

This gasoline waterpump can be perfectly used in the case of flooding or concerning garden works.

The technique of waterpumps is extremely high, the plug connector, for example is made of metal and not of plastic. The motor has a low oil switch and has been approved by the manufacturer for the new E10 fuel.

The impeller is made of metal, the housing is made from light metal. Due to an extremely solid metal tube frame along with rubber feet, the pump has a secure stand.

The pump body is easy to remove, thus ensuring a quick cleaning and maintenance.
This waterpump can be used for the irrigation of green areas, flower beds and entire garden areas.

Using the supplied strainer you can extract water from wells, cisterns, ponds, rivers and streams without any problem.

- internal check valve
- simple access to impeller & diffuser
- simple speed control of the pump engine
- easy hose assembly by well-designed couplings
- easy, clean and quick drainage of the pump body by sealing plugs in the pump housing

The Chonqing Lifan Industry (Group) Co. Ltd. was founded in 1992. it is one of the largest private companies in China. The Lifan Group has grown rapidly and has developed into a diversified corporation with particular focus on modern technology with production and distribution of passenger cars, buses and trucks, motorcycles and engines.

Lifan Motorcycle was awarded the title "Chinese Top Trademark" by the Promotion Committee from the National Office for Quality and Technical Supervision. In January 2006 Lifan was ranked 78 from 100 economically most powerful companies in China and occupied the 6th place in the vehicle sector. Lifan´s Technology Center was ranked seven. Lifan employs more than 13.000 people in Chongqing, a region with 35.000.000 inhabitants, situated in the centre of China and has over 4500 patents. Chongqing is considered to be the center of the technical improvements to engines.

In 2002 the passenger car Lifan 520 was launched on the market and in 2003 the first trucks have rolled off the production lines. With their own production lines: cutting, welding, painting and assembly a number of 150.000 units per year was achieved, and a Vehicle Academy was set up.

SUPPLIERS DECLARATION for engine components as per the Machinery Directive:
This engine is slated for being installed in a machine.The machine in which the engine is to be mounted, cannot be started till it has been established, that this machine complies with the terms of the Machine Directive.
In case of disregard of this reference H.O. Michielsen cannot be held responsible for any damages or defects. H.O. Michielsen diclaims any liability for possible damages, since we have no influence on the installing, using and safety of the machine.


The article is delivered WITHOUT fuel (without oil or petrol!)
Before starting the engine for the first time fill in oil/petrol!

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