Huishoudtrap | 2 x 3 treden

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- Solid stepladder made of aluminium
- Hinged ladder for 150 kg maximum load
- With anti-slip, grooved treads on both sides
- Rubber feet for a safe and secure stand
- The height of the top step is 73 cm

With this XPOtool 2-sided aluminium folding ladder you can finally reach the higher shelves as well. The stepladder has three steps on each side. Due to its triangular shape, it can be climbed from both sides and has an especially safe stand. The height of the top tread is 73 cm. The individual treading surfaces have a comfortable step difference of 26 cm. The surface of the steps is grooved tp prevent slipping.

The hinged ladder is made od sturdy and robust aluminium and suitable for a maximum load of 150 kg. The rubber feet ensure a secure stand even on wet ground. The XPOtool 2-sided aluminium folding ladder is foldable and therefore easy to transport and store.

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maurice lissens 
bij deze wil ik jullie persoonlijk bedanken...
Mart Nieskens 
Precies geleverd binnen de aangegeven...
Anneke Jansen 
Vlotte levering! Ik bestelde een XXL Bench...
MG Faber 
Perfecte levering goed artikel.
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