Regendouchesysteem RVS | Met massagejets en handdouche

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- Multifunctional shower system
- Rain-drop shower and waterfall shower
- Massage jets for perfect relaxation
- Stainless steel with chrome-plated controls
- Limescale-resistant jet nozzles made of silicon

This multifunctional shower turns daily showers into a revitalising spa-experience and at the same time embellishes the bathroom due to its modern, elegant design. While the rain-drop shower head recreates the soothing sensation of a mild summer rain, this shower system further offers a waterfall shower, a hand shower as well as massage jets with two different settings; a versatile assembly of elements granting a perfectly rounded shower experience, no matter if one is longing for relaxation or simply wishes to wash oneself.

The shower system´s main body is made of furbished stainless steel while the head of the hand shower and temperature controller are visually set apart by an elegant chrome-plating. The jet nozzles of both, the shower head as well as the massage jets are made of soft silicon and can therefore easily be freed from limescale.

The shower system can easily be installed and merely requires a ½" water connection in order to be connected with the water conduit of the house.

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