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- Foldable, thus mobile
- Two worktops with angle scale and measuring scale
- Adjustable to 7 height steps
- Inclination adjustable
- Load capacity of up to 100 kg

With this XPOtool branded mobile workbench, you will always have room to potter about on a versatile work station. Be it for hobby or professional purposes, simply take your work area, this actual foldable workbench, with you!

The workbench has two worktops equipped with both measurement and angle scale. In order that you are able to do both little jobs and those demanding more room, the workbench can be adjusted to your individual needs. These adjustments are related to the height, inclination, and depth. Thus, you will be able to clamp a lot of different types of workpieces. For example, the height is adjustable to seven different positions between 77 cm and 107 cm. Furthermore, the inclination angle can be adjusted to 0°, 25°, 45°, and 80°. With two hand cranks, you can change the distance between the two worktops.

For the workbench to be stable with each of your adjustments, its bases are rubberised. The frame construction is made up of quadratic tubes and gives the whole additional stability so that the workbench can bear a maximum load of 100 kg. Thanks to its foldability, stowage of the workbench is space-saving and transport is easy.

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Anneke Jansen 
Vlotte levering! Ik bestelde een XXL Bench...
MG Faber 
Perfecte levering goed artikel.
Mario Filograna 
Tout est ok , excellent matériel ! Merci...
Pieter Wensink 
Groot assortiment, lage prijzen en alles uit...
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