Onderstel voor tafel | Set van 2 | Zwart | 80 x 72 cm

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- Size: 80 x 72 cm
- Colour: black
- Powder-coated
- Underframe for various tables
- Durable and easy to clean

No matter if dining table, kitchen table, bench or desk: these practical table legs are ideal for creating your dream table construction without much effort. These sturdy table legs made of 8 x 4 cm thick steel are held in a timeless industrial design and can therefore not only be used for tables or desks, but also for workbenches and packing tables.

These black, powder-coated table legs are especially durable as well as easy to clean. Additionally equipped with protectors your piece of furniture can later on be moved about without damaging the flooring.

The two square-shaped table legs each have a size of 80 x 72 cm and can easily be attached to tabletops due to the pilot holes located on the legs´ surfaces. Please take note that tabletops made of boards, such as scaffold planks, should additionally be reinforced with a dovetail batten as they were not designed to bear the strain of being used as tabletops. Reinforcement with help of a dovetail batten is further recommended for particularly heavy table tops in order to prevent them from bowing.

Tabletop, chairs and decoration are not included in the scope of delivery.

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