Drijfskimmer C-2.500

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- Floating Skimmer with Skimmer Pump
- Delivery capacity 2500 l/h - 45 Watts
- For ponds up to approx. 40 m²

The water surface is one of the most important parameters for a well functioning biological pond because here the exchange of gas between water and air takes place.The skimmer floats directly on the water surface, its optimal position being ensured by an air cushion.

The floating skimmer cleans the water surface of leaves, twigs and other dirt.

A thin water film is sucked off through the pump so that a flow results orientated in the direction of the installed skimmer. It keeps the water surface clean up to a pond surface of 40m². The coarse particles like leaves or grasses are caught by the skimmer strainer and have to be removed regularly so that the performance of the skimmer remains unaffected; small dirt particles flow to the attached pond filter (not included in delivery) and are filtrated out of the water. Consequently the water surface is always clean. the nutrient load and algae formation are reduced.

Three floating bodies hold the suction basket exactly on the surface and balance out the water level fluctuations.

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