Acculader 6V - 12V | 6 Ampère

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- Nominal Voltage: AC 230 V - 50 Hz
- Power Input: 64 W
- Effective Charging Current: 6A
- Connection Cable Length: approx. 168 cm
- Charging Cable Length: approx. 140 cm

The battery charger is compatible with all 6 V and 12 V 6A batteries and possesses heat and polarity protection. The charging voltage can be manually switched from 6V to 12V, which allows this device to be used to charge the batteries of vehicles, such as cars, bikes, lawnmowers and even smaller boats.

The LED control display thereby allows the monitoring of the battery charge condition and the current state of charge is depicted by various battery level indicators. An automatic shutoff prevents the battery from overcharging once it reached its maximum capacity. The included rubberised battery terminal clamps can easily and safely be attached to the battery´s terminals.

Please note that the LED display will not be active unless both terminal clamps are attached to the their respective terminals.

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