Olie opvangwagen met reservoir | Rood

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- Material: polyethylene and aluminium
- Working height : 86 - 127 cm
- Capacity: approx. 35 l
- Funnel diameter: approx. 42 cm
- Movable

This mobile oil drain tank consisting of a reliable mixture of polyethylene and aluminium is the perfect tool for quick and clean oil changes and therefore essential for every repair shop.

The practical hopper allows for waste oil to be collected without the surrounding area being polluted by splashing oil. The integrated grid, located at the bottom of the hopper, thereby filters larger impurities and sediments, making the disposal of waste oil a smooth and easy task. The opaque, solvent resistant jerrycan depicts the current fill level of the container and offers enough room for storing the waste oil of multiple cars.

Due to a capacity of approximately 35 litres, this oil drain tank can , unlike oil trays, be placed while standing and does not require tiresome stooping or kneeling. The neck is made of aluminium and allows this the drain tank to even be placed beneath smaller vehicle hoists due to its adjustable height. This makes this product a flexible tool that is also suited for use in smaller workshops or garages.

The 4 castors and their performance further facilitate tasks as this oil drain tank can freely be moved around without much effort. The practical storage case attached to the construction´s neck offers additional comfort as it allows for small to be conveniently stored within reach.

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