Werkplaatskraan 360° draaibaar | Max. 900 kg | Met lier

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- Effortlessly moves heavy objects
- With a load-bearing capacity of 900 kg & hand winch
- Can be turned by 360°
- Max. lifting height of 1800 mm
- Solid base plate with pilot holes

This pickup crane is the ideal tool for effortlessly and efficiently lifting and moving heavy objects. Offering a maximum height of 2200 mm and capable of lifting a wide variety of items due to a load-bearing capacity of 900 kg, this crane is a versatile aid suitable for both, private and commercial usage.

Equipped with a rope winch with a cable length of 2900 mm, this crane can effortlessly pick items up straight from the ground, which makes the handling of heavy loads even more convenient and efficient. The item´s base plate possesses pilot holes that allow for the crane to be easily and securely mounted on a vehicle or the ground in order to further improve its stability and to prevent it from tilting while lifting heavy loads.

In order to make the transport of this versatile tool easier, the crane can be folded down to a compact size of only 500 x 270 x 1400 mm.

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