Centrifugaalpomp | 7.200 liter/uur

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Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump with 7200l/h, max. Discharge Head of 55m
- Delivery rate: 7,200 l/h
- Power output: 900 W
- Suction height: 9 m
- Max. discharge head: 55 m
- Speed: 2900 rpm

This centrifugal pump is the perfect supplement for all domestic waterworks and offers optimal pumping of clear water in the domestic and garden use. With an output of 900 watts, it can pump up to 7200 litres of clear water per hour. The pump has a delivery head of 55 metres and a suction head of 9 metres. The bipolar induction motor reaches 2900 revolutions per minute and is protected against overheating by thermal protection.

A domestic waterworks offers a wide range of usage. The main aspect here is the water supply within the household; showering, running a washing machine and flushing the toilet no longer need to be supplied with good drinking water from the tap, but can simply be operated with rainwater, service water and groundwater. For this purpose, the water is pumped out of wells or cisterns and used instead.

The pump is made of high-quality materials. The pump housing consists of a combination of stainless steel and cast iron and the motor housing is made of aluminium. This combination makes the centrifugal pump particularly stable and durable.

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