Diamantboormachine | 1400 Watt | 1700 rpm | max. Ø 110 mm

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- Core drill with diamond drill bit
- Offers an engine power of 1400 watt
- Up to 1700 revolutions per minute
- Suitable for wet drilling
- Including a transportation case and accessories

This handheld core drill with durable diamond drill bit is the ideal tool for the core sampling of rocks as well as the procedure of drilling into concrete, armoured concrete and other sturdy materials. Additionally this drill is an excellent aid in terms of electrical installation and plumbing and therefore a must-have for every craftsman.

The device first and foremost distinguishes itself due to its dust-free and precise drilling without nicks as well as its high efficiency with an easy handling. With an engine capacity of 1400 watt this core dill offers powerful 1700 revolutions per minute, which are continuously adjustable. The drill further offers a tool fitting of 31,75 mm (1¼ Inches -7 UNC) External Thread as well as a bore diameter of up to 110 mm.

The compact design allows this device to even reach areas that are difficult to access. The core drill can also be used for wet drilling by simply adding water with the help of a water inlet hose. An integrated safety switch as well as a safety clutch, protecting the drill from overcharge, ensure the safety of both, the user as well as the device and thereby complete this astonishing tool.

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