Keramische ventilatorkachel | 3000 watt | Rood

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- Heating unit with three different heat settings
- With thermostat for even and constant heating
- Compact design with handle for easy transport
- Radiant heater suitable for rooms of max. 40m²
- For living space, cellar, garage, workshop etc.

This XPOtool portable indoor radiant heater warms upp your living space in no time and ensures a constant and even room temperature. With this heater, you can heat upp any room to the desired temperature, even the basement, the garage or workshop. The powerful 3000 watts heating unit can heat rooms of up to 40 m².

Simply use the built-in thermostat to set the desired temperature. With this rotary switch, you can choose temperatures of up to 45 °C. The electric radiant heater will reach the selected room temperature within a few minutes. Once the optimum temperature is reached, the automatic start-stop mode is activated. This means, that the radiator switches between active heat generation and inactive phases. This way, a constant temperature can be maintained in a room of up to 40 m² with a power consumption of about 1.5-3 kW/h.

The mobile radiant heater is equipped with a ceramic heating element and an overheat protection. It has an additional rotary switch to set the desired power level (30W, 1500W or 3000W). Thanks to the compact, lightweight design plus a carrying handle, the heating unit is easy to transport and can be placed anywhere in the room. In addition, it does not produce any unpleasent smells or fumes and has a very low noise level.

The XPOtool radiant heater does not replace central heating and is not meant for permanent operation.

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