Bladzuiger/-blazer/-hakselaar 3-in-1 | Benzine | 1 pk - 0,75 kW

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- 3-in-1 machine
- 1 HP Engine with 26 cc
- 7500 rpm
- 50 litre collection bag
- Easy assembly and conversion

With this practical 3 in 1 tool combining a leaf blow, vacuum and shredder cleaning your garden and pathways becomes very easy, as it takes leafs and twigs, etc. away.

The powerful 1 HP two-stroke engine with a cubic capacity of 26 cc and air cooling is easily started with its primer function. It can reach up to 7500 rpm and can generate an air velocity of 265 km/h, enabling large amounts of leafs to be collected rapidly.

The integrated shredder reliably cuts all the mulch so that it has only 10% of its original volume, allowing to collect a lot more in the 50 litre collection bag. The bag can be emptied out very easily.

If the leaf blower is only used to blow leafs, its collection bag can be removed making it lighter and easier to work with over longer periods. Due to its connection system the machine can be stored space saving.

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maurice lissens 
bij deze wil ik jullie persoonlijk bedanken...
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Precies geleverd binnen de aangegeven...
Anneke Jansen 
Vlotte levering! Ik bestelde een XXL Bench...
MG Faber 
Perfecte levering goed artikel.