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- Keeps the sawing material in place
- Suitable for various log sizes
- Sturdy 25x25mm and 30x30mm pipes
- Locking clamps for the fixing of sawing material
- Can carry up to 200kg

If you want to make firewood yourself this sawhorse made of wood is the best and safest tool for this purpose. Whether with an axe or a chain saw this solid metal construction is quick at use and has a secure stand.

The log support of the saw horse is made of 25 x 25 mm respectively 30 x 30 mm thick steel pipes. When you put the wood into the saw horse it is fixed with a locking clamp so it cannot rotate while you are cutting. Additionaly, the saw horse can be adjusted to the size of thicker logs. Thanks to its sturdy construction, the saw horse cancarry up to 200kg

The saw horse can be folded and stored with just a few steps.

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