Zwembadpomp C-10.800 | Met voorfilter

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- Quiet swimming pool pump
- Flow rate: 10800 l/h
- Power consumption: 180 W
- Max. discharge head 8 m
- Overload protection

This swimming pool pump ensures clean water and can easily be installed to the filter cycle of your swimming pool. With the powerful 180 watt strong motor the pump works quietly, yet efficiently. The pump can be installed in front of the filter tank and draws 10800 litres per hour into the filter system, in which the water is cleaned and redirected back into the swimming pool. This stops algae and germs from spreading in the swimming pool. The maximum delivery head of the pump is 8 meters.

Pool and pump are a good combination for each other, if the whole water inside the pool is filtered twice a day. A recommended guideline is a service time of 8 hours. If a pool holds 40 m³ of water, the pump should do 80 m³ per day. The total amount divided by 8 hours, is at 10 m³ per hour. This means that a pool with 40 m³ of water requires a filter which can at least clean 10 m³/h (167 l/min).

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