Dieselpomp wandmodel Pro | 60 liter/minuut | Zelfaanzuigend

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- 230V - 50 Hz / 550 Watt
- Can be mounted to walls
- With counter mechanism, hose & fittings
- Pump nozzle with automated shutdown function

This self-priming 230V Diesel pump is suitable for pumping heating oil, equipped with hoses as well as a pump nozzle and can immediately be put to use without being reliant on the electrical power supply. It is therefore ideal for usage in repair shops, at junk yards or in agriculture.

With a engine rating of 550 watts and a maximum flow rate of 60 litres per minute (3600l/h), this Diesel pump is ideal for extracting fuel from barrels or tanks, performing fuel transfers as well as fuelling machines and vehicles. The fully automated shutdown function of the pump nozzle thereby prevents the device from overfuelling, preventing potential damage to the device as well as the vehicle that is to be fuelled.

The integrated counting device always accurately displays information about how much oil or fuel has been pumped and the housing was designed in a way that allows for the pump to be mounted to walls.

Please be aware that this Diesel pump is not suited for pumping water, petrol or flammable, volatile substances.

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