Rem ontluchter op perslucht | 6-12 bar | 1 liter

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- Brake fluid bleeder including re-fill bottle
- Suitable for cars and motorcycles
- With a capcity of 1 litre
- Working pressure of 6 - 12 bar
- Including accessories

This venting device made of durable plastic offers an easy and secure way of venting your vehicles´ brake, gearing and steering systems.

Thanks to its simple handling, this tool allows for the brake system to be deaerated by a single person and is therefore perfectly suited for private users, but also for professionals. Simply connect the brake fluid bleeding device to the brake fluid reservoir as well as a commercially available compressor with a work pressure of 6-12 bar and a connection of ¼"and within the next few minutes the brake system will have been emptied properly.

Aside from a re-filling container the scope of delivery additionally contains an exhaust hose as well as 4 adapter pieces of different sizes. Please note that this system is only compatible with DOT-conform brake fluid.

Technical Data:

Connecting thread: ¼
Working Pressure: 6-12 bar
Draining container capacity: approx. 1 litre
Re-filling container capacity: approx. 0.75 litre
Adapter sizes: 21 - 30 mm / 24 - 32 mm / 28 - 37 mm / 32 - 41 mm

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