Uitdeukset / Schadeherstelset | 10 ton | Incl. koffer

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- press capacity: 10 t
- High quality
- multi-purpose
- snap-together design
- practical carry case and attachments

This 10 t hydraulic repair set is the perfect tool for professional use in the workshop, construction sites and DIY. Due to its industrial quality sturdiness, the set is ideal for everyday use in the auto body workshop and garage.

The set is suitable for a variety of purposes, e.g. for fixing and straightening car frames, for pushing, pulling, lifting and spreading heavy objects. Thanks to its practical snap-together design and a solid carry case, the repair set is easy to transport and always within easy reach. Its single parts can be quickly put together and exchanged to suit your needs.

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Perfecte levering goed artikel.
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Tout est ok , excellent matériel ! Merci...
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