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- Dual flow pump for aquariums
- Pump head slwable
- Pump capacity 8,000 l/h at 12 Watt
- Corrosion-resistant ceramic axle
- Suitable for fresh water and saltwater

Flow pumps are an important component in aquaristics and especially in saltwater aquariums. For these so-called wavemakers generate a movement of water within the aquarium that simulates the natural flow of the oceans. As a result, corals and other sea creatures, for example, have the current vital for them.

Often, flow pumps are placed in opposite directions in order to create a "diffuse current". Due to the currents generated by the aquarium pump, unwanted sediments are only partially deposited on the bottom of the aquarium. The pump is mounted directly on the aquarium glass using a magnetic holder; by these means, the current generated can develop its full effect.

The head of the dual flow pump has two outlet nozzles can be aligned up, down, right and left; thus, the direction of current can be set individually.

The pump´s output is 8,000 liters per hour, the power consumption only being of 12 watts. Thanks to the existing control valve, the water flow rate can also be adjusted individually.

The low-wear ceramic shaft guarantees a long service life for the pump.
The rotors have been modeled on the construction of a ship´s propeller and thus generate a steady and wide flow with minimal power consumption. All electronic parts are encapsulated in epoxy resin and thus optimally protected.

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