Warmtewisselaar RVS | 30 platen | 66 kW

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- Heat Exchangere B3-12-30
- Max. flow rate 4m³/h
- Volume per flow passage 0.54 Liter
- Connections:
- F1 & F3 1/2" 12.70 mm ISO-G
- F2 & F4 3/4" 19.05 mm ISO-G

A plate heat exchanger is a form of heat exchanger. Heat exchangers are also called heat carriers. The term is appropiate, because during the process it is not a heat exchange that takes place, but a heat transfer from one medium to another. The plate heat exchanger consists of wave-shaped panels, which are assembled in a unique way. Between the plates there are interspaces.

In these interspaces two mediums flow interchangeably: the heat absorbing and the heat dissapating medium.The device is sealed both outside as well as under the mediums, which is possible in different ways.There are screwed plate heat exchangers, that have a number of advantages: they are expandable and conduct the flow differently.

There are different types of plate heat exchangers. Brazed plate heat exchangers are preferred, which are charecterized by the fact that the different plates are brazed together. Thereby you can renounce other assemblings. Plate heat exchangers work effectively because they enable a strong heat transfer. This transfer can be increased by generating turbulences in the flow-through. The corrugated profile of the plates determines the turbulent flow-through. Although plate heat exchangers don´t have to be big, they provide a highly effective performance, generating a high heat flow density. The plate heat exchangers are components with high power density and offer high efficiency although they have a compact size and low weight.

HRALE Stainless Steel Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers B3-12-30 consist of embossed stainless steel plates which are soldered with copper by using a vacuum technique. When joining the parts every second plate is rotated by 180 degree in the plane, whereby two separate rotated flow chambers are formed, in which the mediums involved in the heat transfer are conducted in counter flow. The embossing of the plates produces a highly turbulent flow. This enables a very effective heat transfer also for low volume flows.

The plate heat exchanger can be flexibly used. Compact and small unit, light weight, high heat transfer performance due to technically sophisticated embossed plates, high operating temperatures and pressure, the stainless steel material secures a good corrosion resistance, easy mounting, low maintenance, easy to service, cheap large serial device, low product content.

Areas of Apllication:
It is used in the industry for heating technology, for cooling and solar technology.

- air conditioners
- heatpumps
- underfloor heating
- thermal power stations
- heat extraction
- air heating
- air conditioning in buildings
- food industry
- refrigeration and air-conditioning systems
- heating domestic water
- heat supply networks
- solar-thermal systems
- frost endangered heating systems
- heat recovery systems
- water warming for swimming pools
- heating of regenerative fuels
- vegetable oil conversion for cars and lorries
- system devision for underfloor heating
- chemical and pharmaceutical production process
- transfer stations in the district heating supply network

he capacity of a single plate heat exchanger depends on the inlet- and outlet temperature of the involved mediums on the primary as well as on the secondary side and on the flow. Further it depends on the specific heat of the two fluids.

If you use the heat exchanger for machines that do not run vibration-free boat engine, engine operated machines, flexible metal hoses have to be used for connection.

*Because these heat exchangers haven´t been tested the pressure equipment directive 97/23 EG the print release amounts for Europe for the time being to 0,5 bar. The information above is provided by the producer.

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