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- 13 piece pneumatic tool kit
- Including inflation gun and blow-out gun
- Including Paint spray gun and spray gun
- 8 different nozzles
- 5m long spiral coiled tube

This pneumatic tool set consisting of 13 pieces includes the most important tools in order to tap the full potential of air pressure. The set thereby contains an inflation gun, a blow-out gun, a spray gun with hopper, a paint spray gun with hopper, spiral coiled tube with a length of 5 metres as well as 8 different nozzles.

The paint spray gun with a working pressure of 3 - 5 bar and an air consumption of 130 - 300 litres per minute allows for paint and varnish to be applied professionally. The spray gun utilises the air pressure in order to nebulise the paint and thereby create an even coating while its hopper is made of aluminium and can therefore be cleaned without much effort.

The inflation gun can easily be connected to a compressor and is then capable of not only accurately measuring the tyre pressure, but also refilling the tyre if necessary; a handy tool granting independence from repair shops as well as gasoline stations and their tyre inflators, which in turn saves both, time and money.

The spray gun with hopper is the ideal aid in order to distribute and apply substances such as spray oil, cleaning agents or rust preventatives. The long nozzle thereby allows for an even application without wasting the corresponding liquids.

Another practical aid is the pneumatic blow-out gun, which is ideal for cleaning hollow or difficult to reach spaces. Due to the fact that nothing, but air pressure is utilised in the process, blow-out guns are versatile and popular tools that find application in wide variety of environments, such as electronics or restoration.

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