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- Compressed air tool set
- 4 pieces

Tyre filler Compressed air gauge Blow-off pistol Compressed air hose Set

Solid and reliable compressed air gun for filling car tyres, bicycle tyres, among others with pressure gauge. It is connected with a standard plug that fits on common quick couplings. The pressure gauge is protected from any potential damage by a solid rubber housing.
Ideal for tyre garages, common garages, in the field of hobby and workshops

Characteristics of the tyre filler:
- The pistol has a valve allowing that you can either increase or decrease the tyre´s pressure
- Material: metal
- Pressure max.: 15 bar

The blow-off pistol made from metal with plug connector for standard compressed air hoses. With this blow-off pistol you can clean machinery and equipment from dirt, dust and sand. Furthermore, you can dry, cool and blow off workpieces.

Characteristics of the blow-off pistol
- Connectiion for quick coupling 1/4
- Pressure max.: 10 bar
- Material: metal

Our compressed air hose is flexible and easily extensible with a practical quick coupling and plug connector for all common compressed air pistols, compressors and compressed air devices. The spiral-formed and space-saving hose provides for an easy insertion and maintenance.

Characteristics of the hose:
- Material: Polyethylene
- Total length: 15m
- External diameter: approx. 8mm
- Internal diameter: approx. 5mm
- Connection: quick coupling and plug
- with bend-resistant springs on both connections

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