Automatische persluchtslanghaspel | Incl. 10 meter slang

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- Compressed air hose with hose reel
- Hose reel with automatic winding mechanism
- 10m hose plus 1m connection hose
- Hose reel can be rotated up to 180°
- With ¼ inch (6.35 mm) quick connector

This air hose reel organises the hose within seconds. It allows you to effortlessly wind and unwind the PVC hose so it cannot twist or get tangled. The hose reel is equipped with an automatic winding mechanism, making the hose rewind itself. Like this the hose can be unrolled without effort and you having to wind it back up is easy. It also extends the durability of the hose.

Another feature of the air hose reel is that it is also equipped with an automatic wind up stop mechanism. This can be unlocked by slightly pulling it. The compressed air hose is 10 metres long and has an additional 1 metre long connecting hose which is located right on the reel.

On the back side of the reel there is a bracket so the device can be mounted to the wall. You can also rotate the hose reel for an even bigger range. The reel can be rotated up to 180°.

The device is equipped with a ¼ inch (6.35 mm) quick connector and the hose has a working pressure of 8 bar and a bursting pressure of 12 bar. The sturdy compressed air hose reel is made of polypropylene and is UV resistant.

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