Automatische persluchtslanghaspel | Incl. 9 meter slang

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- Automatic locking
- Fully automatic retraction
- 9 m hose
- PVC hose
- 180° rotatable

This reel will bring order, whether in the workshop, garage or garden.

Thanks to its automatic retraction system, the hose can be stowed quickly and neatly with just one hand touch. In this way, there are no kinks, which increases the service life and long-term functionality of the hose.

The reel offers maximum stability and resilience with its sturdy polypropylene and flexible PVC hose. It can also withstand temperatures from -10 ° C to 50 ° C, making it ideal for use in gardening or in factories.

The hose total length is 9 meters, its maximum pressure is 8/24 bar. It has a 1/4 "BSP quick coupling, so it can easily be connected to all conventional compressors.

Technical specifications:

Hose length: 9m
Hose diameter: 8 x 12mm (5/16 ")
Material: PVC
Working pressure 8 bar/ Bursting pressure 24 bar

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