Popnageltang op perslucht | 2,4 - 4,8 mm

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- Air powered rivet gun
- Rivets 2,4 - 4,8 mm
- Compressed air 4,5 - 6,5 bar
- In a practical case

For an easy and quick riveting, we offer this compressed air riveting device. Being time-effective and applicable without much physical effort, this pneumatic riveter is well-suited for the application either in workshops or while being away for montage, e.g. for operation on automobiles or on ventilation systems and facade engineering. The riveter provides for efficient operation when there is a large number of rivets to be processed.

There are different rivet receptacles that ensure the processing of common blind rivets with the sizes 2,4 mm up to 4,8 mm.

The air powered riveter has a range of working pressure from 4,5 up to 6,5 bar (compressed air supply: 6,35 mm).

The air powered rivet gun is delivered in a practical plastic case including mouthpieces for rivets with 2,4 mm, 3,2 mm, 4,0, 4,8 and a socket wrench.

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