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- Nature Water 5-stage reverse osmosis
- casing with manometer
- 180l / day
- incl. Tank of polypropylene
- easy in assembly and handling
- without chemicals

A modern and environmentally friendly method of water treatment for fine, soft water or demineralized aquarium water is provided by this 5-stages reverse osmosis system .
Water is one of the main ingredients for the life of people, animals and plants around the globe. However, the water is often contaminated by impurities which can cause health problems.

Experience a whole new taste of pure water by using the reverse osmosis system; this provides an effective and efficient way to produce very clear and clean water. The water is pressed against a semi-permeable membrane; Only pure water can pass through the membrane, the dissolved minerals and pollutants are removed with the residual water.
The water pressure is increased by a Diaphragm booster pump which is integrated in the water filter system. The system provides up to 180 liters per day.

Water purification by this simple, physical means does NOT require any chemistry.

Our 5-stage reverse osmosis system is distinguished by 5 different filter cartridges: Stage 1: Sediment Filter , 5 microns, removes sand, lime, rust and other particles up to 5 microns. Stage 2: activated carbon block filter filters a majority of toxins (pesticides, asbestos, chlorine and degradation products, multicellular microorganisms etc..) from the raw water. Stage 3: activated carbon sediment filter of granulated activated carbon filters very fine particles and protects the membrane from clogging. Stage 4: the system´s heart: the membrane removes about 96% of all pollutants (aluminum, ammonia, calcium, chromium, cyanide, zinc, cadmium, manganese, magnesium, copper, nickel, lead, Silver, strontium, iron, uranium, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, and drug residues, algae, spores, etc.) Stage 5: activated carbon after-filter in this last stage, any residual chlorine is removed and odor and taste variations neutralized.

The reverse osmosis system of Nature Water is simply mounted and handled, it is connected directly to the water pipe. Apart from the filter cartridges, there is a water tank as well as an equipment for the water connection supplied. The supplied wall bracket ensures an easy installation: The system can be mounted in any space-saving place with water connection.

For a space-saving storage in the domestic use, the filter cartridges are enclosed in a sturdy case made of plastic in order to protect the sensitive components from dust. In said case the pressure gauge is integrated.

The entire system is also suitable for wall mounting.

The product and filter are equipped with locking caps and / or welded in foil; because of this measure they have no expiration date and can be stored without loss of quality. The durability of filters and the quantity of filtered water respectively depends essentially on the quality of the input water. This holds true for all filters. The more unloaded the water, the longer the durability of filter meda!

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