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- Environmentally friendly water purification
- Can be used as drinking water and aquariums, etc.
- Filters 190 litres per day
- Removes up to 99% of all foreign particles out of the water
- Storage tank

Naturewater Reverse osmosis (RO) 190l/day NW-RO50-NP35

The modern and eco-friendly method of water treatment for drinking water, aquarium, demineralised water..

Water is one of the most important elements for human life, animals, plants and the whole earth. As it often happens the water is polluted with impurities that can cause health damage.

Experience the taste of pure water with the help of our reverse osmosis system.

Reverse osmosis systems offer a cheap and effective way of providing you pure water.
The water is pressed through a semipermeable membrane the pores of which are so fine that only water molecules permeate, dissolved minerals and pollutants being removed with the remaining water (concentrate).

Thre quality and the quantity of osmosis water depends on the pressure and the temperature of the untreated water.

On most water systems available on the market, which work on an ions exchanger basis, hard-forming ions are replaced by other ions (e.g. calcium is replaced by sodium). As a result, a shift in the ions ration occurs, which can have unforeseeable consequences for the aquarium. Furthermore such water filters have to be regularly regenerated with chemicals.
The Reverse Osmosis is a natural procedure, in which the dissolved salts and the harmful substances are removed in a purely physical way.

This type of water treatment systemmust be regenerated regularly with chemicals.

Reverse osmosis on the other hand, is a natural process by the means of which the dissolved salts and pollutants are removed from the water by physical way.

There is NO need of chemistry.

The NW-RO50-NP35 Osmosis system by Naturewater produces water in its highest purity and is easy to assemble and handle.

Quality and filter performance correspond, in spite of the low price, to the more expensive osmosis systems.

The osmosis system has a capacity of 190 liters per day and is the solution for almost all water impurities.

The integrated membrane booster pump increases the pressure within the water filter system and thus increases the quality of the generated water.

Impurities are filtered up to 99%: heavy metals, pesticide, hormones, fungicide, drug substances, nitrate, phosphate, chlorine, asbestos, calcium carbonate, radio-active isotopes, germs, protozoa, cysteine, algae, spore etc.

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