Tuingaas groen | 25 x 25 mm | 100 cm | 5 meter

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- 5 m long and 100 cm wide roll
- Mesh size: 25 x 25 mm
- Wire thickness: 1.6 mm
- Made of galvanised and green PVC coated steel
- Can be cut as required

Wire mesh made of galvanised and green PVC coated steel for use in forestry or for private use in the house and garden. The mesh size is 25 x 25 mm and can be used for fenced enclosures, e.g. for wildlife protection, forests/ land or to protect plants, such as trees and shrubs from wild infestation.
The wire can be used for home-use as well. For example for the construction of rabbit cages and chicken coop or as a trellis.

Thanks to the high flexibility of the fence, it is very easy to work with and process. The material can be cut with simple cutting tools such as combination pliers or side cutters and thus be cut to the required size. As the processed steel is galvanized and additionally coated with green PVC, the wire mesh is weather resistant and therefore suitable for outdoor use.

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