Vlechtband / Privacyfolie PVC | 450 g/m² | 35 meter | Grijs

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Garden Fence Roll grey 35mx19cm from 450g/m² PVC Privacy Screen
- PVC view and wind protection
- Grey PVC foil with 450g/m²
- 35 m roll, roll width 19 cm
- 20 retaining clips included

Due to our PVC view protection straps, any double-wire panel or mesh mat fence can be effortlessly upgraded while ensuring for absolute opaqueness and protection against storm. One of the foil´s outstanding features is the possibility of subsequent plaiting in fences that consist of mesh mats including the fence posts. In this respect, the plait pattern can be variably chosen (e.g. every single square, every 2nd or every 4th square) and, as you please, the fence can be embellished by chosing different colours. By means of clamping fixtures, the view protect strips are easily fixed to the last steel strut of the mesh mat.

We offer a grey view protection foil of 19 cm in width, made of high-quality laminated PVC (polyvinylchlorid). We supply a roll of 35 m in length including 20 pieces of clamping rails.

The data at a glance:

- 450g/m² foil
- Temperature resistance: -30°C to +70°C
- excellent light resistance (level 6-7)
- easy to clean (water hose)

TIP: The installation of the foil strips render the fence extremely resistant to wind! So, there is a need to check on the fixation of the fence because of the enlarged contact surface for the wind.

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