Compressor | 2 PK | 8 Bar | 24 liter | Incl. 13-delige set

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- Compressor incl. 13 pieces of equipment
- Tank volume: 24 litres
- Tire pressure gauge and blower pistol
- Spray paint gun and spray pistol
- 8 different nozzles and 5 metre spiral hose

This set consists of a high quality compressor and a 13 piece tool set for the compressor. The sturdy and simply operable compressor is suitable for private as well as commercial use and is recommendable for its performance and low noise level.

The combination of a powerful motor and a compressed air tank with a volume of 24 litres enables a fast operation and a wide range of possible uses. Whether for painting works, operating pneumatic tools or inflating tyres, this compressor is always the right choice. Thanks to the practical handle and the two wheels mounted under the compressed air tank, the compressor can be moved quickly and easily to where it is needed.

The 13 piece set has all the essential tools when it comes to working with air compressors and pressurised air. The set includes a compressed air gun, an air pressure gauge, an air blow pistol, a spray pistol with a container, a spray paint gun with a container, a 5 metre spiral hose and 8 different nozzles.

With the spray paint gun anything can be painted professionally. Thanks to the high pressure and the superior quality of the gun even painting results can be accomplished. In the set included is a tyre pressure gauge which is is handy for quick checks on the tyre pressure. The spray gun with container is an ideal aid for spraying oil or rust protection evenly. The vaporisation hose allows efficient working without the waste fluids.

Additionally, the blower pistol which is also included in the set is perfect for removing dust from surfaces or tight spots you can´t fit a rag in. This is useful for areas with electronics as well as restoration and also with bike/motorcycle parts.

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Compressor | 2 PK | 8 Bar | 24 liter | Incl. 13-delige set

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